Monday, February 11, 2008

Auckland's MoshBox 106.7 is 'Professionally Tacky"

Maybe it's something to do with the shocking mustard color kitchen
table that's involved, but MoshBox 106.7 is now on air from around
Howick in Auckland......and is proudly 'professionally tacky'.

Mosh = an agglomeration of different kinds of people getting
together, not just to enjoy, but appreciate and support a kind of

Box = the medium or catalyst, bringing people together without them
knowing about it, just by listening to the same song as another
through the radio

They've got a nice line in MoshBox 106.7 FM poster art that we're
delighted to share....and remember, send us art from your LPFM
station and we'll share it with the world right here.

MoshBox 106.7 FM Auckland is on air.

LPFM Radio Guide Now Lists Almost 1,200 Entries

The LPFM Radio Guide now lists almost 1,200 entries and is
continuously updated.

Lots of new stations coming 'on' air all the time, so make sure your
station is listed here and that the info is correct.

Warning - all station entries are automatically shown as 'off' air
until we know for sure that the particular frequency is actually

So, if you see a station in the LPFM Radio Guide that's 'off' when
you know it's 'on', make sure you tell us!