Saturday, January 20, 2007

MIX 88.3 FM Silent

Wellington's MIX 88.3 recently went silent after years of entertaining the central city when their antenna site on Kelburn was lost.
Thanks to Edwin Hermann, we can still enjoy a few sounds from the past, and hope they find a new spot along the LPFM dial soon.

Zipped mp3s available via - Sweepers (305kb) + Clips (675kb)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Radio Redwood in Christchurch

Radio Redwood in Christchurch celebrates 10 years of LPFM broadcasting in January 2007. That's a long time. From studios in a Mazda van in the front garden to the Radio Redwood Estate, and to a studio equipment list enough to make a commercial station drool. They even have space for 10,000 LPs, and it's not on a hard drive.

Congratulations to Radio Redwood 107.5 FM! Well done guys and gals.

Community Radio Hamilton

Community Radio Hamilton also uses 106.7FM to reach FM listeners in the central city. Currently celebrating 15 years on 1206AM, they've also produced this cool card designed to attract a new generation of program makers aboard the station.
Lara Signal [that's a really good radio name] who handles marketing at the station says listen to them streaming too at!

TLC Radio (The Little Country Radio with a BIG HEART)

Proving that country music is a popular niche format, Auckland based TLC Radio: The Little Country Radio with a BIG HEART has just opened its 6th station, with 88.1 FM now broadcasting to the Rangitikei district from Marton.
Thanks to Peter Shaw for updating us with this news, and for sharing the country inspired TLC Radio logo.

NZ Low Power FM Radio Guide Updated

The New Zealand LPFM Radio Guide at has been updated to include new stations and details on which stations are currently active.

There are now almost 950 separate station and frequency entries, and we expect to pass the 1000 mark in a few months as more stations continue to come on air along the dial and around the country.

FAQ1 My station is still shown as inactive or not even listed. How do I update my details?

Answer: send an email to and tell us the name of your station, the location of the frequency that is currently on air, and the frequency. We'll update it for you right away.

FAQ2 How specific do you want the location?

Answer: as accurate as possible, especially in the metro areas. 'Auckland' is almost meaningless, but 'Parnell' or 'Pukekohe' or 'CBD' is good.

FAQ3 Why do you list the old frequencies we left years ago?

Answer: as well as the most comprehensive guide to current LPFM stations, this is also a radio heritage resource so it's important to include all the known frequencies and stations, even if they're long gone.

FAQ4 When can we update our own details?

Answer: when we can afford to upgrade our software systems to make this easily done whilst protecting the integrity of the database.

FAQ5 How do I get some free publicity?

Answer: send us examples of station art work [such as posters, adverts, logos etc] and we'll include them on the site for free, like the George FM examples. Send us stories about events, anniversaries that we can use.

FAQ6 What can we do for you guys?

Answer: keep your station information updated, send us examples of promotional items for our archives [in years to come you'll be thankful!] like photos, press releases and posters, put a link to us on your website, insert 30 second free public service announcements about us into your programs, and, if you're able to, send us branded merchandise [like caps, t-shirts, CDs] we can sell to raise funds because we can assure you, no government agency or company gives us a single penny!

Thanks to everyone for keeping LPFM alive during 2006, whether as a broadcaster, a DJ, a supporter, or a listener...and all the best for a great 2007 for everyone!

David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
PO Box 14339
Wellington 6241
New Zealand

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit charity in New Zealand and donations of $NZ5 or more are tax deductible [VISA/Mastercard accepted via any page on the website].